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Body Swap Guide

- Sonata is a fairly average 10 year old girl, although she's in good shape from daily dance classes.

- Sonata has an "idol aura" to her, which means that the highlights in her hair and the sparkle in her eyes are both heart-shaped.... or if that's a bit much, then there's a certain something-you-can't-put-your-finger-on vibrancy to her.

- Sonata's singing can, if emotional and passionate enough, cause Kirara to gather. They're little chiming specks of colored light that float around her. While the combined effort of other girls with the "idol aura" could cause further things to happen, Sonata can't do much more than that at the moment.


-The tunes and lyrics to various AKB48 songs. (For some live-action examples: Aitakatta, Heavy Rotation, Beginner) (For some examples from the anime: Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru)
-Running around in a small dusty town as a younger kid
-Lots and lots of dance rehearsals
-Liking soy milk and spaghetti

-Full lyrics and dance routines for the above songs.
-Cheering on her sister Kanata when she sings
-Running away from DES Anti-Entertainment forces
-Being an understudy for AKB0048
-Training to use weapons to defend herself and the other idols
-Seeing snow for the first time on Tundrastar
-Running around the beautiful old-world style town streets of Akibastar
-The beaches of Atamistar, where she took part in a photoshoot

-Learning that her father was killed, though not really understanding it because of her age
-Her sister running away from home to join AKB0048
-Stowing away on a spaceship to go to the auditions herself
-The concert on Lancastar where she and her other teammates nearly vanished in a burst of kirara light. (These two clips cover most of the key stuff. Second one is kind of spoiler-ish.)
-A general summary of her early history can be found on her AKB0048 wiki page and also as part of her application.

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