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2022-09-18 06:25 pm

HMD (How's My Driving?)

So yeah, this is a roleplaying journal for Sonata Shinonome, played by [personal profile] lampdevil. How am I doing? Anything I could improve on? Any problems? Anything need resolving? Leave it here. Comments are screened and (as best as I could manage in the settings) anonymous.

If you need to get in touch with me, PM my journal above or bug me on Plurk under [ profile] lampdevil!
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2012-09-18 06:29 pm

Body Swap Guide

- Sonata is a fairly average 10 year old girl, although she's in good shape from daily dance classes.

- Sonata has an "idol aura" to her, which means that the highlights in her hair and the sparkle in her eyes are both heart-shaped.... or if that's a bit much, then there's a certain something-you-can't-put-your-finger-on vibrancy to her.

- Sonata's singing can, if emotional and passionate enough, cause Kirara to gather. They're little chiming specks of colored light that float around her. While the combined effort of other girls with the "idol aura" could cause further things to happen, Sonata can't do much more than that at the moment.


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2012-08-06 12:38 am

Animus Info

Room: 3-01
Collar color: Yellow

Trunk Contents:
- *bunny ear hair clip
- *micsaber
- *casual outfit (dress, sweater with bunny hood)
- workout outfit (leggings, tank top)
- understudy concert outfit (fancy stage dress)
- swimsuit
- rubber ducky
- 3 black sharpie markers
- AKB0048 poster

*indicates items that were on her during the sky whale attack

CR chart possibly to come soon!