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Application for Tower of Animus

Player Information

Name: Lampdevil
Personal Journal: [personal profile] lampdevil (isn't used much, though)
Age: 30
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Character Information

Character Name: Sonata Shinonome
Character Series: AKB0048
Character Age: 10 years old
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: The end of Episode 13, after the concert on Lancastar.
Background: In the distant future, humanity has fled the damaged Earth to colonize the stars. Life is hard in space, and the authorities forbid "things that disturb the heart" like music and art. But acting counter to this are the girls of AKB0048, the idols that come visit you! They stage guerrilla concerts on worlds where entertainment is banned, and fight against the anti-entertainment forces of DES.

Sonata is the younger sister of Kanata Shinonome. Both girls were born to a family on a desert planet, where life was harsh and bleak. Her father was a strong supporter of entertainment legalization, and a major figure in the fight against DES. He encouraged his daughters to sing and dance, as ought to be their right. Kanata would put on little shows, just like the AKB0048 girls she so idolized. Sonata was too young to do much more than clap and cheer, but she loved how her sister sang and declared that she'd do the very same thing when she was big enough.

Tragedy struck when Mr. Shinonome was killed by DES forces. Without their father's income and support, the family fell on hard times. His squad mates sent money and help along whenever they could, but things were pretty tough. Kanata and Sonata's dreams and hopes were not crushed, however. Both were determined to someday join AKB0048. While her sister's hopes were hung on being able to bring the fight to DES and take revenge for her father, Sonata wanted to join because it was Kanata's dream and she never wanted to be apart from her dear sister. It was a shock to Sonata when Kanata was simply... not there one morning for breakfast. Kanata had hidden the news that she had qualified for the AKB0048 auditions, and had taken a shuttle off-planet the night before. How terrible! Her sister had left her behind! But it made her even more determined to join AKB0048 now. Her sister was there, and they had to be together!

It took two years for Sonata to get her plan together. She was 8 when her sister left, far too young to join AKB0048. But by the time she was 10, she heard that she was quite tall for her age over and over and over... so she recorded her audition and sent it off for evaluation! And it was promptly rejected because yes, she still did not meet the age requirement. What baloney! She was having none of that! She was the best singer in town! In the district! On the whole planet, she was sure! She was sure that if she showed up for the auditions in person, they'd HAVE to take her because she was just so incredible. So that's precisely what Sonata did. She packed her things and stowed away on a shuttle heading for the auditions.

While on board and being chased by the shuttle crew, she ran into many of the other young hopefuls that were aboard. She befriended them and stuck close to them for protection, cheekily letting them know that she was a stowaway and hadn't bought a ticket. They took to her just as quickly as she took to them, as most of the others were runaways, too. And those new friendships were soon forged in the fire of battle, as DES forces intercepted the shuttle and attempted to capture all of the girls before they could make their way to the audition. Thankfully, AKB0048 themselves made an appearance and brought the lot of them to safety.

Having safely arrived at the auditions, Sonata hung back from the rest of the girls and approached Tsubasa, AKB0048's manager on her own. She stated quite plainly that she was part of the selection round, and Tsubasa simply smiled and sent her on her way with the others. She thought she was lucky at first... until the actual intensive training began. Rather than singing and dancing, the new girls were given combat and weapons training. To be a member of 0048 was to take the risk of facing DES forces every time you went on stage, after all. It was overwhelming and hard and discouraging, but Sonata stuck with it. She was absolutely determined to make it, no matter what foolish tasks they stuck her with. And so she was sent into the final test with the other girls, a battle against DES forces while the idols performed on stage a short distance away. Sonata fought with all her might, right until the end of the song that they were assigned to maintain the defense through... and that's when it was revealed that it was all a mock battle. She and the other successful girls were told to put down their rifles and pick up their microphones, as they were now part of the 77th generation of understudies.

On the girls went to Akibastar, the underground location of AKB0048's main performance stage. That's where their idol training was to begin in earnest. And Kanata was there, as part of the 75th generation of understudies. As soon as she had the chance she embraced her sister and declared how proud she was of her and how happy she was to see her... and Kanata shoved her away, scolding her for coming this far, through so many dangerous things, when she was only 10. She attempted to have Tsubasa disqualify Sonata and send her home, but Tsubasa was having none of it. To qualify was to qualify, and the little sister was to stay.

Things were rocky at first. The two sisters fought, and Kanata doubted her abilities as a singer and idol and possible successor. But the two were good for each other, Kanata giving Sonata someone to look up to, and Sonata giving Kanata a reminder of the hope and energy that was the real reason she wanted to become an idol. All of the understudies became fast friends and hard workers, practicing songs on their days off and dedicating themselves to the dream of someday becoming a successor to one of the 0048 members. Their path eventually took them to Lancastar, the home planet of three of the other understudies. Through a difficult concert and an unprecedented assault from DES forces, the understudies nevertheless managed to put on a superb first performance. Their singing and their hope summoned an enormous swarm of kirara, mysterious floating, shining creatures that could power Faster-Than-Light travel. It was a performance to be remembered forever, and it marked all of the understudies, Sonata included, as a possible successor for the coveted, dangerous position of Center Nova.

Personality: Sonata is a bubbly, beaming ball of energy. She's the youngest of the understudies, and it shows. She's been compared to a wild child or a monkey, constantly climbing on things and spinning in circles. She talks childishly, often in the third person, and she likes to give people goofy nicknames. They hardly ever stick, but she'll bestow them one after another, because it's cute. Cute seems to drive most of the things she does. She wears a bunny-eared hair clip on a day to day basis, and owns piles of animal-eared hoodies, and mittens shaped like paws, and so on and so forth.

She's earnest and straightforward with her feelings and desires. If she wants something, she'll reach out for it with a shout. If she wants to do something, she'll go and do it and think little of the consequences. If she loves you, she'll let you know over and over again. If she hates you, she'll give you a terrible nickname and carry the grudge forever and ever and ever. She's ten years old, and her level of emotional maturity reflects that. No matter the things she's seen and the places she's been, she's still a child. One that has a lot of growing up left to do, and one that's likely to do that growing up in a big, shining spotlight, with all the problems that implies.

Still being rather childish, Sonata's overall empathy could use some work. She can be outright mean at times, picking on the insecurities of her friends, and giving people dreadful nicknames. If it's funny, she'll do it and she'll say it with little thought for the consequences. She can even come across as a bit of a bully, when faced with someone that she just can't help but tease. If she's picked on herself, she's more likely to stand up in her own defense for as long as she can. Only in the most dire and depressing of situations would she seek out an older friend or her dear sister.

Sonata loves nothing more than singing and dancing, and loves the freedom that it represents. Growing up in a household of pro-entertaiment activists, it's in her blood and in almost every part of her foundational thoughts. All people deserve music, all people deserve happiness, and those that would deny people their freedom and happiness should be punished and shown the error of their ways. Her fight is her father's fight and her sister's fight, and she's never had any reason to question it. It's scary... that last concert on Lancastar showed her the depths of DES's hate for her and the other idols... but she can overcome that fear with time. She knows it.

Abilities: In Sonata's world, passionate music is it's own kind of power. Sonata was able to, along with the other 0048 understudies, accumulate a swarm of kirara, the mysterious and almost magical little creatures that can make Faster-Than-Light travel possible. Kirara gather around idols as they sing sincerely, and a truly passionate singer can even produce a shining new one, modeled after that idol's hopes and dreams and brilliance. They can also manipulate energy in other ways, and have shown to give off bursts of energy to protect and shield the idols that have manifested them. Sonata has also had combat training, as part of her audition for AKB0048. She can operate and clean firearms (somewhat), and fight with a micsaber (somewhat).

Sample Entry: Testrun for a friend apping at Mayfield